Current Food Trends for Events

A focus on sustainable options and making your menu picture perfect are just a few of the the top food-and-beverage trends for face-to-face meetings this year.

Focus on Sustainable Options

Everyone is becoming more conscious of what they eat and how it is sourced, prepared and presented. Event planners are placing huge emphasis on sustainability at every one of these stages.

A notable change is the demand for reduction of single-use plastics, whether through the adoption of re-usable alternatives. Luna Park Venues have noted that events requesting attendees bring their own reusable water bottles and coffee cups is becoming more common, as single use plastics become a past memory.

Lunch Box Redo

Ready-to-eat lunchboxes have traditionally been considered an uninspiring option of sandwiches and unhealthy snacks. This belief is transforming throughout the sector and can be seen in Luna Park Venues updated catering options.

In the name of attendee wellness and meeting all the necessary social distancing restrictions. Luna Park Venues is getting creative to ensure that food still remains a highlight of the guest experience.

Picture Perfect

For both event planners and their guests, shareability is key when it comes to building a reputation for a business or boasting a picturesque event.

With an audience who thrives off Instagram engagement, food plays into this shareability aspect in a big way. Luna Park Venues offers menu options that have been designed to showcase the freshest produce with a visually appealing aesthetic for our guests.

Innovation with Food

Making the experience of food a focal point of an event will always leave guests impressed.

At Luna Park Venues, innovative and interactive food elements have always been a point of discussion between guests. Through the presence of various interactive dishes within an event, the energy creates an optimal environment for guests to network.