Looking at the Year Ahead with James Granter

See what James Granter, the General Manager of Sales at Luna Park Sydney has to see about the year ahead:
"Many people in the events and tourism industry are incredibly optimistic at the moment and for good reason. Our local economy is strong; tourism opportunities are thriving and Sydney is growing at an historic pace. The sheer volume of infrastructure investment and population growth is unprecedented in Sydney and I get the sense that Sydney and Australia is rapidly increasing its mark on the global stage. Government and private investments are really upping the ante on our world-class credentials at a pivotal time where the opportunity to attract overseas events, while creating truly new and creative experience for local events, has never been higher.
Luna Park Sydney is no exception. Three months into 2018 and we are so far attracting a record number of new events to Luna Park Venues. It is an exciting time not just because of the growth and opportunities we, like many are seeing in Sydney. But also because the events on offer are so varied and the opportunities seem to be appearing all throughout the year. Established norms of what is high and low season, what types of events use what spaces or themes and what format and content appear to be in a revolutionary state. 
To me, that is a nod to the extraordinary breadth and depth of talent we have in our industry. People and partners constantly willing to create, convince, reinvent, take risks and believe in a vision of what they want to achieve for their clients and guests. It is inspiring to see and it is exactly what we need, as Sydney and Australia evolves into a larger and more global city. 
It also reminds me of just how important a couple of timeless constants are: knowing our clients – anticipating what they want and how to help them create the “wow” factor that they can take credit for; having the courage to continually change – asking the hard questions, advocating for our clients’ needs internally and externally and exceeding in personal service; it’s more than story telling about ourselves, it is helping clients tell their story; and building a cracking hot team.
Success in 2018 will be all team-work and collaboration. The team that builds together will win together, and the more we see the “team” as being defined not by company or industry borders, but by including everyone that is participating to create that unique event experience – from clients, guests, organisers, sponsors, suppliers and partners - the more success will come."
James Granter
General Manager Sales, Luna Park Sydney
Member Director, Business Events Sydney